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  • Unlimited access to a unique playlist of exclusive Aerodynamic Yoga, Video Pod Classes
  • Expert teaching, support and advice from a Senior Yoga Teacher (YAUK)
  • Professionally produced audio videos with high resolution visual and sound quality
  • Access to the themed Live Session s, including interactive chat with teacher and attendees.
  • Clear instructions with icons, photographs and key words to promote a safe practice.
  • Free access to the video Library with the option of watching individual videos on demand.
  • The freedom to personalise their practice according to their physical, mental or emotional needs
  • The option to book a One2One Personal Target Training Session with Heather

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“Confident, competent & detailed instruction with the emphasis on health.”


“Living with low back pain was exhausting. Now I know how to practice yoga safely to relieve the discomfort. Aerodynamic Yoga is a life saver!”